Nicolas Eustathiou

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Nicolas Eustathiou is the Financial Director of Nicosia Municipality since 2003. Mr. Efstathiou has graduated from Richmond University of London and he is a member of the British Institute of Management. He holds a B.A diploma in Business Administration, major in International Business. Mr. Efstathiou in 2010 wrote a paper comparing local governments in Cyprus with those of the EU27 countries in order to achieve financial viability.

His background includes being a Business Consultant in a private company, he worked as a financial advisor for companies raising funds and evaluating complex financial implications of proposed transactions and he used to be a Finance Director at “Lumiere Group of Companies”. He has extensive knowledge on European and local financial issues. He is responsible for coordinating and supervising all activities related to finance, taxations, budgeting and related v financial policy transactions.

He liaises with H2020 WIDESPREAD 2014 1 56 the central government and European Union institutions (European Investment Bank, Council of Europe Development Bank). He administers city banking, investment and debt policies especially from European sources.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

This project has received funding from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus through the Directorate General for the European Programmes, Coordination and Development.